Foxy Moron

Australia’s Queen of Quirk

Rani Huszar “Foxy Moron” is without doubt Australia’s Funniest Comedienne of Magic, with over two decades of experience touring the globe in over 30 countries she is a fantastic tour de force of fabulousness. Huszar hoodwinks, mesmerises and baffles her audience as the outrageously funny plot of pizazz unfolds.

She’s starred on FOXTELL’S “Live at the Memo” &  ABC’s “The Sideshow”, has performed in world class variety shows like “La Clique” in Edinburgh, Melbourne and Adelaide. Huszar is one of those artists that you watch and just can’t keep your eyes off, with a multitude of superb skits, bits and routines there is never a dull moment in her 10,20,30,45 mins shows. She combines her unique and special blend of physical comedy with magic and hilarious audience interaction to create an unforgettable experience.

“Super sensation” The Mercury

 “Splendid stupidity at it’s finest” West Australian 

“A great fun evening of Absurdity” The Clothesline ★★★★