Ruby Rubberlegs

Be amazed, bemused, confused and enthralled as the ever glamorous, Queen of Body Manipulation and Contortion,  Ruby Rubberlegs (Rani Huszar) presents a romantic comedy of errors. Ruby invites you all into her enjoyable wacky world of exceptional impossibilities. Witness Ruby squeeze her entire body through a mirror frame and then into an impossibly small glass box that would be a squeeze for a goldfish, let alone a life size human being!

 Huszar has captivated audiences for the last 13 years in over 20 countries with her sense of humour, endearing charm and unique and quirky physical theatre productions. You won’t believe until you see and when you see it you still won’t believe.

 “Super sensation....contortionist supreme”  Adelaide Advertiser

 “Amazing, breathtaking, dextrous in mind and body” Sydney Morning Herald